“Los Cóndores” took off! The beginning of a new era, The Colombian National American Football Team 2018 is ready

American Football has taught us that there is no success achieved if you don’t work as a team. That is why the 17th and 18th of March will be remembered by all Football fans in our Colombia as an historical date, because 42 players from cities like Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Manizales, met for the first time in Antioquia to finally materialize the dream of create a National Team.

A very special evening for all the players for all that it meant: meet for the first time to sign their first contract, receive their helmets and jerseys with the colors of the “tricolor” flag, and most important step on the grass of the Tulio Ospina Stadium in Bello as a team and not as rivals.

Finally, the best players of our country were in the same field and neither of the fans and the public in the stadium, the local media, much less the Communications Office of the Federation wanted to miss any detail. It was unbelievable!

Guided by the Head Coach, Renzo Devia, and his coaching staff, and with the participation of the players of the team of Lobos, “Los Cóndores” had their first training, which began with some cardio and physical exercise, to then start the practice by positions: linebackers, running backs, cornerbacks, wide receivers, quarterbacks, defensive linemen, offensive players and kickers, each group practiced with their specific coach. In the same way, some plays of the playbook were put into practice for the first time. The passion that each player put into each play was amazing.

An incredible night for The Condors

To conclude this historic reunion, after the first day of training, the players of the Colombia National Team changed their Football jerseys for suits, because they were officially presented to the national media at the San Fernando Plaza Hotel in Medellín. The event was also attended by the coaches, led by Renzo Devia, the President of the Federation (FECOFA), Carolina Posada, the Director of the Office of Communications of the Federation, Raúl Saavedra, businessmen and different personalities of the national sports world.

It was an emotional event because of its meaning: the whole country realized that American Football in Colombia is a reality and now it is represented by The Condors who, with talent, discipline and sacrifice, want to reach the top.

They will fly to Bogotá

Following the training plan, the last day of practice at the Tulio Ospina Stadium was focused on the playbook. The Raptors players participated in the training. And just like Saturday, the Condors gave everything to improve their performance. Not even the intense heat of that day was an impediment to running on each play.

But this doesn’t end here. The tricolor dream that rises through the Andes will arrive in Bogotá on March 23 and 24. It’s time for the capital to get excited seeing “Los Cóndores”.

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